Through the years I have acquired vast knowledge and experience. I have completed a wide variety of projects, and I have worked together with people with different backgrounds, both clients and co-workers. All this has ensured that I keep growing as well as maintaining happy clients. But don’t take my word for it, hear what they have to say.

“I’m so glad I found Jona! He makes my websites look better than I had hoped for. He patiently helps me with the skills I need to learn and does the jobs that are too technical for me. I’m surprised that he is also creative and quickly thinks of attractive additions for my sites.”
Claire Timberlake
Health Coach
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“This was by far the biggest project I’ve done with jomebacreations. Before, we’ve done little projects, and Jona has been superb, so we launched into the work with an existing relationship. The project was a tough one – it ended up being bigger than either of us anticipated, my clients kept changing their minds, the technical requirements from the team’s coder were very strict… and of course this all caused problems. After the project should have been completed I kept coming back with additional tasks, and Jona had to juggjle those with his other commitments: I must have driven him mad. But we got through it, and in the end the technical quality of the work is strong and the end product looks fantastic. The app looks like something that a big agency (rather than a bunch of freelancers) would have created, and as Jona generated several GB of content for this the vast majority of the work (by data size) is his – so much credit is due to him for a very accomplished piece of work on a very challenging project.”
Kevin Hassall
Media Production
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“Jona has been GREAT!!!!! Jona has a few projects for me now and I am very pleased with his keen attention to what I am trying to accomplish”
Marissa Wolfe
Healthcare Administration
“Superlative photo retouching skills. He enhanced some custom studio shots and made them worthy for all new marketing material for an international product. I will not hesitate to use Jona again and he’d have to disappear off the face of the earth before I’d use someone else. You might as well just hire him as I cannot see you getting anything better. I’m a very happy customer. Thank you!”
Daniel Burge
Health, Wellness & Fitness
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“It was a great experience working with Jona! I would definitely do so again! He took a complicated project and saw it through to the end! He always does great work – highly recommended!”
Jason Cross
Developer & Internet Consultant
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“Jona provides amazing quality and works at a very good pace. He communicates well and I would recommend him to anybody looking to hire.”
Asnavy Sari
Marketing & Advertising
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“Fast and professional. Superb quality every time”
Emmet Savage
Information, Technology & Services
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“Spectacular is the way to describe what Jona has done. He has done what I feel nobody else could do. He is a true expert and his word is golden.”
Jared Dalto
Real Estate
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“Best Freelancer so far. Incredible work, super fast and nice to work to with. For now, I’ll only work with him for this kind of projects. Totally recommended.”
Carlos Mosquera
Internet Entrepreneur
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“Quality work, very responsive to my clear vision. I have had over ten jobs done by Jona and every time he understands the brief and does, fast, efficient work. I will hire you again and again…”
Arion Light
Health, Wellness & Fitness
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“Jona delivered an excellent product in an quick and efficient manner. He maintained daily communication via freelancer, email, and skype. He was extremely professional. I will definitely hire him again!”
Justin Colon
Professional Actor
“This is my second job with with Jona and I will keep working with him for a long time. Very professional person and knowledgable! Definitely I will recommend him!”
Carlos Arias
Information, Technology & Services
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